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As I reflect on my career to this point, I smile. I see a young determined, entrepreneur unaware of the milestones, hurdles, decisions and people ahead that would eventually shape my current self and philosophy of client engagement.  Having been part of a start-up, spinning-off a company, the endless hours of ups and downs; I find myself today in a place of professional calmness, but excitement. I attribute my current Zen-like state to all of the battle tested encounters that have molded Webber Kerr today. Having confidence in what one believes in and executing it without compromising one’s integrity will bring some inner peace.

Welcome to the official Webber Kerr blog, where you may encounter viewpoints and ideals that may not be the norm in executive search. We believe the world of executive search is evolving and that today’s and tomorrow’s leaders are responding to a new form of engagement. Today’s leader is on the move, mobile device in-hand like an old-west gun slinger. Social and professional technology platforms are prevalent. Younger leaders are groomed at faster rates. Gender and diversity advancements are breaking down barriers. All impacting the way and who organizations are hiring and the types of opportunities candidates are seeking. You get the idea.

Myself personally and the WK team seek to connect with like-minded personalities that emphasize principles and values first, reward and gain second. We look forward to stimulating dialogue from those that have opposing views. Debate is healthy and provokes thought and creativity. Look for our future viewpoints, data, experiences and encounters and thank you in advance for helping us keep things interesting.

Written by: Adam Lloyd

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