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The Lemonade Stand

lemonade stand

Recently, my daughter asked to set-up a lemonade stand. The result? She made $32 in 2 hours selling $.25 cups to the neighborhood. She is 7 and apparently an entrepreneur at heart. As I watched her stand outside our house handing out cup after cup, I was in awe of the enthusiasm and determination, and quickly was reminded of how I found my way. Seeing her in action was a heartfelt reminder to why we all get up in the morning.

I took a few notes for myself to remember come Monday morning.

This was her recipe:

SERVICE. She offered drive-up window-side service, built on customer demand. If by running the extra 10 feet to the curb was the way to make a customer happy, she was going to create the service.

QUALITY. She refused to use store-bought lemonade. The joy was in making it fresh. She felt invested in each glass served and wanted every customer to know it was money well spent, they were getting the best.

BRANDING. She decorated her own sign and waved to every potential customer that passed by. She wore a genuine smile.

INTUITION. She fielded suggestions and advice, but ultimately designed and ran her stand the way she wanted it… She believed in her product.

PASSION. She was having FUN. There was not a minute that she was not smiling and had she only put $5 in her piggy bank at the end, would have enjoyed it just as much.

Just a reminder of the magic that can come from dedication and a 7 year-old with a dream for the day.

Written by: Adam Lloyd

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